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About Us

Sensualand is a department store thought to bring joy to your life. 

Our first collection is Jewelry. Each piece of pearl jewel is ordered directly to the manufacturer who claims that all items are made of S925 or 18K gold with 100% Real Cultured Pearls; not gold plated or fake pearls. Pearl jewelry is generally expensive in the market due to the long time that takes to culture a Pearl. Since our provider works with the largest pearl farms in the world, we offer you high quality, no third parties and fair prices. 

In the Desire collection you will find items for skin care and beauty. These are also expensive in the market as most of beauty related items. Nevertheless we all deserve an opportunity to take care of the skin and show it gloss as long as possible; then why not? Don't expect frequent and large discounts but fair enough prices. If you search a little deeper you will find some anti-stress toys especially for women, and lingerie and ties to wear in those especial moments where passion and initiative are the rules. Why ties? We will come up with some answers in our monthly newsletter. Subscribe!

Finally, our Healthy Living collection brings items to help you save time for important moments. A well sliced and delicious salad prepared with less effort and less time to support a healthy eating; small daily life and unexpected situations solved in few minutes; or comfort while looking for long lasting items to help protect the environment: tools and gadgets for these and more when it comes to get things done fast and easier.

Most of our products are selected from personal experiences of our team members and some of them are thought to please women. Women are strong, beautiful, sensible, sensitive and the most perfect creature on Nature; but in general, we all deserve the best: sense life, suit luxury, love ourselves. This store is for you my friend, no matter your sex, place of living, what you look like, woman loving herself or man loving a woman.

My dear, please, notice that this website and its newsletter are not intended for minors.

It is our pleasure to see you around.